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What We Do - Rapid Revenue Growth

Net new revenue is our core competency allowing you to free up resources and focus on what you do best. As your strategic partner we are dedicated to promoting our clients' brands and helping them to gain new perspective and fresh ideas to complement their existing sales and marketing strategies. External resources are low risk allowing you to reduce overhead costs, save time, increase margins, and improve productivity. As an extension of your team, we provide custom-tailored programs with the best mix of sales, marketing, strategy or business development services - outsourced and seamless to your customers.

At Bateau Ventures, we are skilled at "unlocking doors" to hidden decision makers and acting as your Chief People Connectors. We find qualified prospects and connect you to the CxO's and VP's, not just open the door to influencers and champions. We listen and uncover what you need to know - "pain points" and budget reality. We articulate your value proposition and have meaningful conversations allowing us to deliver net new revenue, speed to market, and new customer acquisition opportunities specific to your terms and conditions.

In days, we can help you:   

  • Deliver on pipeline and revenue targets
  • Build strategic partnerships and value-added revenue capture programs
  • Develop solid relationships building brand, company, and community
  • Raise money for funding or for your fundraising initiative
  • Coach you and your teams in negotiation

It sounds so simple, yet many organizations lack the intuitive ability to drive a disciplined and scalable sales and marketing process to increase the visibility of their brand, nurture and leverage existing relationships, and generate net new business revenue. We collaborate and communicate with our clients using guided feedback based on trust and respect. We advise you accordingly and provide strategic direction on the best dynamics for building customer-centric relationships that are profitable. Our highest priority is to help you develop mutually beneficial long term, value-based relationships that provide repeatable and sustainable business.

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Building Relationships that Deliver Results™